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Monarch butterflies roosting in treeParticipation in the IELC has three primary benefits

  • Discounted licensing that brings vital resources within reach for nonprofit organizations.  The IELC provides research resources in the areas of environment, ecology, wildlife, natural resources, business, and economics.  Together we are able to expand and enhance access to the major scholarly publishers.

  • Access to the community of environment and conservation librarians working in the non-profit and government sectors.

  • Opportunity to shape the consortium as we grow.  Your leadership is welcome in developing new programs and activities of value to our membership.  The unmet needs of our particular membership - your library's needs - will find solutions through the IELC.

The IELC does not have a membership fee at this time. 

Who can join?

The IELC is open to not-for profit 501(c)(3) organizations and state or local government agencies working on conservation and environmental issues. Due to the nature of our vendor agreements, we are not able to accept academic institutions, federal agencies, or public libraries at this time.  

The IELC is an agreement between partner organizations. We are not yet an independent 501(c)(3) organization. The terms of the consortium are contained in a Memorandum of Understanding, which is reviewed annually by the membership to ensure currency. By joining the IELC, your institution becomes a partner and signatory to the MOU.  

How to join

1. Contact the IELC administrator:

Mary M. Maguire | Director Library Sevices | World Resources Institute | (202) 729-7602 | email

2. Fill out the membership application and agree to the terms of the MOU.  The application is available from the IELC administrator.

3. Complete the product order form.  All members complete this form each year.  The order form is available from the IELC administrator.

Note: Inquiries may be made at any time, but membership applications will be taken from June – September for membership/subscriptions for the following calendar year.  Subscriptions start January 1.

Member Directory

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