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Rocky Mountain Institute

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Rocky Mountain Institute is an independent, entrepreneurial, nonprofit think-and-do tank. RMI’s strategic focus is  Reinventing Fire: mapping and driving the business-led transition from fossil fuels to efficiency and renewable energy. Key initiatives will focus on the transportation, building, industrial and electricity sectors. RMI’s innovative design techniques optimize  whole-systems, an approach which allows industries to capture benefits that would be left behind under a compartmentalized approach, a discipline we call “tunneling through the cost barrier.”

RMI’s research and consulting staff works with industry leaders and key stakeholders in three interconnected  Core Practice areas: Built Environment, Energy & Resources, Mobility + Vehicle Efficiency

Librarian/IELC contact: 
Brendan Thompson
Librarian expertise: 

Knowledge management, Sharepoint, digital libraries, competitive intelligence, reference and instruction

bthompson at rmi dot org