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Since 1886, the communities of Metro Vancouver have cooperated in the development and delivery of services essential to our growing region. From safe drinking water and effective management of solid and liquid wastes, to world-leading collaborative governance, Metro Vancouver has a proud and storied history. Since 2002, Metro Vancouver has formally put the concept of sustainability at the centre of its operating and planning philosophy and advanced its role as a leader in making the region one which is explicitly committed to a sustainable future.

Librarian/IELC contact: 
Suzanne McBeath, Corporate Librarian
Librarian expertise: 

The Metro Vancouver Library at Metro Vancouver supports regional government staff working in the areas of sustainable development, regional planning, drinking water, waste management, air quality, parks, ecological health, local agriculture, climate change, and affordable housing. Thora’s focus is on moving toward the virtual library concept and increasing information literacy of staff through training and outreach.

suzanne . mcbeath at metrovancouver .org