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Lincoln Park Zoo

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Lincoln Park Zoo inspires communities to create environments where wildlife will thrive in our urbanizing world. The zoo is a leader in local and global conservation, animal care and welfare, learning, and science. A historic Chicago landmark founded in 1868, the not-for-profit Lincoln Park Zoo is a privately-managed, member-supported organization and is free and open 365 days a year.

Librarian/IELC contact: 
Lauren Terwilliger, Learning Research and Planning Coordinator, Learning Department
Librarian expertise: 

The Learning Research and Planning Coordinator supports the Learning Department and Lincoln Park Zoo staff by connecting learning research to informal conservation education practice through literature searches, synthesis of existing learning research, facilitation of logic model development and program planning, and assistance with program evaluation and assessment. Expertise includes informal education, learning research, audience research, and evaluation in informal science learning environments such as zoos and aquariums.

lterwilliger at lpzoo dot org